Oct 26, 2010

Communication..Continuing Education

Communication means to pass along, to impart knowledge, to interchange thoughts and to make common. It is a system which facilitates the transfer of message from one person or place to other person or place by a medium called channel.
The process of communication has four components;
  • Source
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Receiver
Message is coded by source and decoded by receiver.
Elements of communication:
Sender is the person who has knowledge of the message. He must know about the receiver. He must be technically strong.
Message must contain related content.
Channel That channel must be used which is best understood by the receiver.
Receiver is the person who receives and decodes the message.
Feed back is the content send by receiver after receiving the message.
Noise Anything which disturbs your communication is called noise. E.g. an unreadable paper sent to a receiver is a noise. Temperature extremity in a communicating room is also a noise. Similarly, improper lighting is also a form of noise.
Forms of communication:
It is communication within a person. E.g. thinking.
It is communication b/w two persons. E.g. interview, business talk b/w two partners and talk b/w two friends. This is best for illiterate persons who avoid sitting in groups. It is time consuming.
Among more than two persons. E.g. teacher delivering lecture in class.
Communication through a channel. E.g. TV, radio, internet, newspaper.
This is w/o talking. E.g. face expressions, signals on road, outlook while communicating and response of a class to a lecture.
Barriers of Communication:
Use of un-understandable language
Lack of self confidence (esteem)
Beliefs of people of system. E.g. some people believe that milk selling is a sin. Don’t talk against their beliefs.
Credibility of information source
Time… use leisure time of maximum people to communicate.
Place of delivering message should be appropriate where no one have any type of objection.
Stereotype… it is irrelevant thoughts of source like you think that all villagers are illiterate and will not understand you.


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