Oct 26, 2010

Microteaching..Continuing Education

It is a technique for the improvement of skills by self practice and self implementation. Microteaching can be best understood by microteaching cycle;
Microteaching Cycle:
It consists of following components;
  • Planning
  • Presentation while being video tapped
  • Viewing the video by presenter and participants
  • Discussion
  • Filtration
  • Replanning
  • Presentation

  • Time is the most important thing. Presentation must be of 7-10minutes or maximum of 15 min.
  • You must focus on methodology.
  • Presentation must fulfill apparent and latent objectives.
  • Participants should not be more than 30.
  • Dressing and outlook should be proper.
  • Don’t be camera conscious.
  • Introduce yourself and your topic first.
  • Gestures and expressions should match your words.
  • Stop during your speech in a way that meaning should not be changed.
  • Summarize the lecture in the end.
Viewing Video:
Video is watched by the presenter and participants and weak points are noted.
  • Presenter will describe first positives and then negatives of the presentation.
  • Participants will do the same work.
In this part, data is filtered and it is decided that which part is positive and which is negative.
In the end, data is replanned and represented again.
A study showed that persons who passed through microteaching cycle 3 times, they have shown 87% of improvement and who passed through this cycle 2 times, they improved by 57%.

Design of Presentation Room:


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