Oct 27, 2010

Measurements of Mortality..Epidemiology

Measurements of Mortality:
Mortality is because of disease and death is because of any other reason. Mortality rate(MR) is calculated by the following formula;
MR= total no. of deaths from any disease/ total population at risk
Infants are the children under 1 year of age.
Neonates are the infants under 28 days of age.
Postneonats are the infants from 28days to 1 year of age.
Perineonates are the infants under 7 days of age.
Fetal death/ still birth are death of fetus from 28th week of gestation uptill birth.
Infants Mortality Rate:
IMR = no. of infants died / no. of live births
Neonatal Mortality Rate:
NMR = no. of infants death under 28 days of age/ no. of live births.
Postneonatal Mortality Rate:
PNMR= no. of infants deaths from 28days to 1 year of age/ no. of live births
Perineonatal Mortality Rate:
Peri NMR = no. of deaths under 7 days of age+ still births/ no. of live births+still births
Crude Death Rate:
It includes deaths from all the reasons.
CDR = total deaths from all reasons/ population at risk
Age Specific Death Rate:
ASDR = total deaths under particular age / population at risk under that particular age.
Gender Specific Death Rate:
GSDR = total deaths in a gender / population at risk under that particular gender.
Proportionate Mortality Rate (PMR):
PMR = no. of deaths from particular disease / total deaths.
Place, time and constant factor are included in all the formulas.


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