Oct 29, 2010

Feed Resources for Livestock and Poultry

Increase in demand of animal origin food due to:
  • Population growth
  • Urbanization
  • Changing consumer preferences
  • Export potential
Feed Resources for Livestock


Crop residues
Nutritional quality is very poor because of:
  • Deficient in Protein and energy
  • Low palatability and low intake
  • Low digestibility and feed efficiency
  • Containing higher quantities of indigestible fiber and lignin
  • Stay longer in the rumen, lowering the intake and impair productivity.
Rangelands & Pastures
  • About 60% of the total area of the country is rangelands.
  • Sheep & goats obtain 60% of their feed from rangelands
  • Grasses, shrubs and tree leaves are the potential feed reservoir for livestock in Pakistan and needs improvement.
  • Artificial reseeding, fertilization and other inputs could provide good results.
Agro-Industrial by-products
  • Cotton seed cake & meal
  • Rape seed cake & meal
  • Sunflower cake & meal
  • Linseed cake & meal
  • Soybean meal
  • Sesame seed cake
  • Maize oil cake
  • Maize gluten feed
  • Wheat bran
  • Rice bran
  • Maize bran
  • Rice polishing
  • Cane molasses
  • Palm Kernel Cake
  • Coconut Cake
Live stock sector change
Livestock sector has developed and changed rapidly in response to
  • Shifts in the global economy
  • Rising incomes in many developing countries and
  • Changing societal expectations
The sector is increasingly expected to provide safe and plentiful food for
  • Growing urban populations
  • As well as poverty reduction food security, environmental sustainability and public health
  • These trends and the challenges were identified a decade ago by Delgado et al. (1999), who coined the term “livestock revolution”
Livestock Feed Industry of Pakistan
  • 130 Feed mills in the country
  • Only 10 major feed mills, producing ruminant feed in private sector
  • Generally home mixed concentrate are prepared by livestock farmers.
Raw materials for poultry
Food and Agriculture
  • Contract farming
  • Developments of Hybrid Seed
  • Promotion of mechanization
  • Improve the agronomic practices
  • Facilitation to agriculture farmer
  • Introduction of new varieties
Poultry & livestock sector
  • Studies on Improved Protein and Energy Utilization
  • Search for alternative feed ingredients
  • Low cost unconventional feed resources
  • Use of fiber, as an energy source in poultry diets will be an important means to meet future feed requirements
  • Improved digestibility of unconventional feeds through biotechnological approach
  • Gut environment manipulation for better nutrient utilization 
  • Strict quality control of feed production systems


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